Silcone Lube



Silicone Lube is a premium quality, high molecular weight polymer lubricant designed to remove annoying squeaks and to prevent wear wherever rubber, plastic, vinyl and metal surfaces rub together on cars, trucks, buses, caravans, boats, etc. Silicone Lube lubricates weather strips and seals, trim, door locks, boot and bonnet lids, brake and speedometer cables and grommets.

Silicone Lube is water-based and is free from harmful petroleum hydrocarbon or chlorinated solvents and propellants.


Silicone Lube is easy and economical to apply. Use as supplied.  Simply spray or brush on to surfaces to be treated and allow to dry. Re-apply as required.


Silicone Lube is not classified as hazardous.  Read Material Safety Data Sheet before use. Spillages may be slippery.