SYNTECH Brake fluid DOT-4 is a heavy duty, high boiling point, synthetic brake and hydraulic Clutch and release fluid.  It is suitable for all conventional drum and disc brake system under arduous conditions.  Care should be taken that Syntech –Brake fluid DOT-4, should not be used in hydraulic systems for which mineral base fluids are specified.

Features and Benefits

  • Low vapor pressure and High Boiling Point guard.
  • Fluidity at low temperatures and excellent thermal stability.
  • Excellent chemical stability and corrosion resistance.
  • Compatible with all system seals.

Approvals / Recommendations

Exceeds Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard n°116 DOT 4
SAE J 1703, NF R 12-640 , ISO 4925
Syntech Brake Fluid DOT-4 meets the requirements of European Manufacturers
European Manufacturers

Typical Properties

Sr No Test Parameters Test Method Typical
1 as per FMVSS 116 DOT4
2 ERBP oC 270
3 WET ERBP oC 170
Kinematic viscosity
mm Sq per Second
@ -40oC
@100oC 1250
4 21.
5 pH Value 8.0
Corrosion Test @ 100oC for 120 hours passes test