Citrol Hand Cleaner Orange        


Hand Cleaner Orange is a premium quality, pH-neutral, biodegradable liquid  derived from a special blend of natural orange oil, coconut oil derivatives, surface-active agents, emulsifiers and emollients. Hand Cleaner Orange displays excellent cleaning and degreasing properties in hard or soft water, and contains no harsh solvents or alkalis. 

 It  is  an  ideal  and economical hand cleaner  for  use  in  all workshops, commercial kitchens, institutions and homes.


Hand Cleaner Orange may be dispensed through a pump pack, squeeze bottle or wall mounted dispensers. Place a few mls in the palm and work into soil, then rinse the hands thoroughly in clean water and dry thoroughly.


Hand Cleaner Orange is not classified as hazardous. Read Material Safety Data Sheet before use.  Spillages may be slippery.