Cooling System StopLeak


Cooling System StopLeak  is a specially formulated  liquid designed to provide temporary repair of radiator leaks and seepage from radiator hoses and gaskets, and to reduce the loss of coolant from the cooling system. Cooling System StopLeak  contains lubricating heat-sensitive synthetic polymers and is free from abrasive mineral fibres.


Add about 300 ml Cooling System StopLeak  to the radiator when it is safe to do so. Ensure adequate coolant is present.  Drain and flush the cooling system thoroughly when permanent repairs to leaks are undertaken, and refill with appropriate type and amount of Power Up range of Cool Max or Cool Plus coolants.


Cooling System StopLeak  is not classified as hazardous.  Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Read Material Safety Data Sheet before use.