Is a heavy duty, multi-purpose phosphoric acid type cleaner designed for the cleaning of machinery, floors, vehicles and for the removal of red dirt.  It can also be used for the removal of rust and bore water stains from brickwork paving and cement.

Acid Wash

A powerful acid based multi-purpose cleaner designed to remove cement and mortar from tiles, concrete and brickwork etc.  Simply spray on neat and scrub off with a brush.

AirFresh / Fresh Clean

AirFresh can be used in all areas where unpleasant smells occur, or whenever a fresh enhancing fragrance is desired.  Fresh Clean is ideal for use around all commercial and domestic bathrooms, kitchens, living areas etc, as well as in offices and motor vehicles.

Biomax Degreaser

A super strength water based degreaser which rapidly cleans oil, grease and grime from engines, bilges, floors and decks reducing fumes and fire danger. It is non toxic, non caustic, non flammable, biodegradable and solvent free.

Blue Power 

A high quality Urea based solution especially developed for the automotive SCR catalytic converter and used for the reduction of emissions in Euro 4 and Euro 5 commercial diesel vehicles.


Is a powerful bitumen remover and degreaser for use in cleaning bitumen off most surfaces.  Simply spray on neat or dilute and leave for 5-10 minutes before high pressure washing off.

Carbon Flush

High strength cleaning liquid for top-end decarbonizing using auto flushing equipment

CitriSan Degreaser

CitriSan is a unique non-caustic water and orange-oil based formulation designed to clean, degrease and sanitise processing equipment, floor, walls and ablution areas, ship bilges and bulkheads, trucks,locos and rolling stock, engines, compressors and workshop equipment, mining machinery, etc CitriSan contains orange oil, water conditioners, surface-active agents, emulsifiers and sanitisers.

Citrol Hand Cleaner Orange

This unique non-caustic water and orange-oil based formulation is designed to clean, degrease and sanitise processing equipment, floors, walls and ablution areas, ship bilges and bulkheads, truck, locos and rolling stock, engines, compressors and workshop equipment, mining machinery, etc

Citrol HD Hand Cleaner 

Is an abrasive hand cleaner particularly suited to situations where heavy soiling of hands such as in industrial and mechanical workshops. Citrol HD Hand Cleaner displays excellent cleaning and degreasing properties in hard or soft water, and contains no harsh solvents or alkalis. 


A quality range of coolants suitable for most situations including Hybrid Organic corrosion inhibitors and Antifreeze / Antiboil products in Concentrated form or Ready To Use. 

Cool Flush

A specially formulated liquid for removing sludge, grease and scale from radiators and engine water jackets. Safe to use on both cast iron and aluminium alloy. It will not adversely affect water pump seals or radiator hoses

Cooling System Stop Leak

A specially formulated liquid designed to provide temporary repair of radiator leaks and seepage from radiator hoses and gaskets, reducing the loss of coolant from the cooling system.


Is designedfor the safe removal or rust, scale and tarnish from most metal objects. Used as a radiator flushing compound to remove rust and scale build up from the cooling system.

Demineralised Water

This is water with a low conductivity due to the removal of minerals via theprocess of reverse osmosis.  This treated water is for use in all cooling systems and batteries.

Diesel Injector Cleaner

A high strength super concentrated blend of solvents, surface active agents and sludge dispersants for diesel engine top-end cleaning and decarbonising. Cleans injectors, valves and chambers, restores power loss and improves efficiency and fuel economy.


D-Tane - Cetane Booster  is an advanced formulation offering many benefits for diesel fuels. It is suitable for common rail and direct injection diesel systems and is also compatible with recognised bio-diesel fuels.


A powerful solvent blend for cleaning off glues from most surfaces.  Also excellent for the removal of sticker residue on most surface.

Engine Stop Leak

Is a concentrated synthetic blend of penetrants, swelling agents and viscosity enhancers designed to help restore the sealing efficiency of leaky seals and gaskets.

Fresh Morning Dish Wash Liquid

Fresh Morning has numerous cleaning applications in hospitals, institutions, homes, shops, restaurants and schools.  It is ideal for cleaning food handling equipment, painted surfaces, vitreous and other hard surfaces, glassware, cutlery and stainless steel trolleys.

Fuel Power

Provides total fuel system efficiency.  Helps absorb and remove water from fuel and lines, neutralizes acids, removes depostis and retards fungal growth.  Suitable for petrol and diesel. Super economical - super concentrated (use 1 : 4000)


 GASAD provides that extra lubrication required for engines running on LPG reducing wear on valves and preventing valve seat recession.  GASAD is a unique formulation and is essential for ALL engines running on LPG.  GASAD will save you money.  GASAD has a unique cleaning process that aids in combustion by reducing carbon build up. This ensures that the engine is operating efficiently resulting in more power and better fuel economy.

Graffiti Remover

Will remove marker and spray paint from most surfaces, simply spray on area to be treated and leave for a few minutes before wiping off.

Grease Lifter

This is a powerful blend of solvents and emulsifying surfactants designed for cleaning, dispersing and degreasing operations by soaking, spray or brush application. It will rapidly dissolve most oils, greases, lubricants, has a low evaporation rate, low electrical conductivity and contains no chlorinated solvents.

Inhibited Propylene Glycol

 IPG is a hybrid organic acid / propylene glycol - based antifreeze concentrate for use in those cooling systems where the use of ethylene glycol is not desirable (eg food processing, etc.) IPG is an amine, nitrite, phosphate and silicate - free formulation which contains inhibitors to reduce the corrosion of steel, cast iron, aluminium alloy, brass, copper and solder and it is also bio-degradable.

Iso Clean

This is an evaporative solvent blend for cleaning surfaces in preparation for printing or painting. Contains an ultraviolet dye to show where areas have not been treated.

Laundry Liquid

A premium quality product, specially formulated to be environmentally harmless whilst retaining optimum cleaning efficiency.  Biodegradable, contains no phosphates, contains no synthetic dyes or thickeners, contains no caustic ingredients and is compatible with hard water.  Suitable for hot or cold washing.

Lifter Free

Blend of penetrants and lubricants which overcome the detrimental effects of sludge, gum and varnish deposits and promotes free movement of lifters and PCV valves.

Lubricants and Oils

All our high performance oils are made from the highest quality base stocks, combined with high quality additive packages to meet the requirements of international standards.  PowerUp oils will not let you down - guaranteed.

Miracle Lube

A unique multipurpose product designed to displace moisture, penetrate rusted parts, lubricate, stop squeaks, clean surfaces and protect them from corrosion. It does not dry out or wash off with water and contains no silicones, kerosene or acid forming ingredients.

Octane Booster +30

This concentrated octane enhancer wil increase octane number by up to 30 RON points at 1 : 200, for general use.  It is fortified with fuel system cleaners and top-end lubricants and may be diluted to give an effective retail strength octane booster that is suitable for use in leaded, unleaded and high octane petrol.

Petrol Injector Cleaner

A high strength super concentrated blend of solvents, surface active agents and sludge dispersants for petrol engine top-end cleaning and decarbonising. Cleans injectors, valves and chambers, restores power loss and improves efficiency and fuel economy.


ProFlush is a specially formulated blend of penetrants, lubricants and sludge dispersants designed for use in all  petrol and diesel engines.  It Cleans all engine parts, removes harmful sludge and other contaminants, cleans valves and hydraulic valve lifters, frees piston rings, reduces fuel consumption, contains no harmful aromatic hydrocarbons, fortified with Extreme Pressure additives to ensure engine protection.


A highly efficient streak-free cleaner for the hand or machine washing of cars, trucks, buses tractors etc. Non-caustic, solventless &  biodegradable.
A Premium product

Quick Clean HD

Specially formulated for the rigorous cleaning and degreasing requirements of industrial and mechanical workshops. It is recommended for cleaning mag wheels, engine bays, concrete floors, truck bodies, weathered aluminium etc.   


Is a water-based rust-converting solution for use on corroded ferrous surfaces as a pre-treatment prior to painting.  It contains deep penetrating solvents and forms a strong stable matrix with rust, which is suitable for over-coating with most conventional finishes.


SaniStat is a powerful and fast working triple-action cleaner, deodouriser and disinfectant that is safe to use on all washable surfaces.  It provides rapid dispersion grease and dirt, provides high residual sanitisation and long lasting deodorising.


This is a blend of special surface-active agents designed to give rapid, effective and streak-free cleaning of  vehicle windscreens.
Suitable for use in windscreen washer reservoirs of trucks, cars, boats and general machinery.

SDF - Solvent Degreaser Fast Break

This is a fast cleaning solvent based degreaser with quick break properties.  For use where fast oil separation is needed.

Shield Vinyl & Plastic Reviver

Premium rejuvenator and sealer for use on all automotive vinyl, plastic and rubber surfaces. Enhances the appearance of surfaces and protects from atmospheric contaminants and UV light.

Slip Oil Conditioner

This is a highly advanced oil additive that is a blend of surface modifying lubricants and anti-corrosion agents designed to reduce metal to metal friction between all moving parts.  This product will extend the life of engine oil, reduce oil temperature, reduce fuel consumption, increase power and reduce maintenance costs.

Solv Clean

A highly evaporative blend of solvents, simply sprayed on to the required area for the fast cleaning of brakes and parts.

Solvent Parts Washer

Powerful solvent blend for use in parts washer machines. Contains no surfactants and does not emulsify with water.  Rinse parts and stand to dry or wipe dry.

Steel Protect

This is a non flammable solvent and wax blend for use in sealing metal surfaces that are stored outside and are prone to rust and deterioration.

Tapping Compound

This novel lubricant with special surface modifying and friction reducing properties is designed for use in machine shops, for general drilling, tapping, punching, threading and broaching, and for low or high-speed lathe work.  By reducing friction, Tapping Compound reduces cutting tool temperatures and extends tool life.

Transmission Treatment

This blend of penetrants, inhibitors and lubricants benefits transmissions by conditioning internal components, extending transmission fluid life.  It frees sticky parts and allows smoother gear changes. This product contains no harmful aromatic hydrocarbons.

Triple Clean

This is a concentrated caustic based cleaner for cleaning floors, benches and most other surfaces.  Also excellent for cleaning off red dirt and grime from cars, trucks and boats.

Tyre Gloss

Is a premium quality water-based rejuvenator which will enhance the appearance of all rubber surfaces.  It is designd for use on cars, trucks, buses, caravans, boats, rubber trim etc.

Tyre Shine

This is a premium quality, silicone rejuvenator and sealer which will protect and enhance the appearance of all rubber surfaces. It is designed for use on cars, trucks, buses, caravans, boats, rubber trim etc.   

Wash & Wax

A specially formulated concentrated car wash with built in wax for extra shine and paint protection. A triple action cleaner, degreaser and wax based product that is biodegradable, non flammable and non corrosive.


This unique water-based product is designed to prevent the adhesion of motlen spatter to a metal surface during the welding process. It is non-flammable and non-corrosive, and does not contain aromatic or chlorinated solvents or hydrocarbon oils.


Suitable for use in spray on/wipe off cleaning of windows, windscreens, mirrors, other glass surfaces, chrome work, stainless steel, plastic, vinyl and vehicle paintwork.

Wire Rope Lube

Safely penetrates, lubricates and maintains the smooth operation of steel wire ropes, cables, winches and pulleys used in mining, marine, construction or other industrial applications.  Contains corrosion inhibitors.